‪Kenny Rogers – The Gambler‬ – ‪Acoustic guitar lesson‬ ‪- Easy beginner song tutorial‬

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  1. The best way to play a b is 2 bars. 2nd fret from A down with your index finger and 4th fret from D down with your ring finger or pinky

  2. Nicely done mate.

  3. fellas a chump

  4. tanx for your videos-I'm from iran & like to play acoustic guitar,pleas help me ,how I can buy a good acoustic guitar -& one thing else:why you don't play guitar with song in your lessons?I mean after you teach "the chords of song" & "how to play" you can your lessons with original song -again tanx for your videos & by 😉

  5. I've always done this with a B7, not a B. Sounds more country, in my opinion

  6. Ace song & lesson but having difficulty getting part 2

  7. It would be nice if you played the whole song all the way thru….

  8. The guitarist from Maroon 5, James Valentine actually did a lesson youtube teaching how to play Payphone.

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