‪Sitting On The Dock Of the Bay – Otis Redding – Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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‪Sitting On The Dock Of the Bay – Otis Redding – Acoustic guitar Song Tutorial – Easy beginner chords lesson


  1. I just picked up guitar again and wanted to start with learning this song, as it will be my first time learning standard tuning. I have a rather unique problem, in that I am unable to play the bar chords due to damage to that specific part of my ring finger. Is there another note I could switch the bar chords with?

  2. I liked it !!!

  3. It must be the most rewarding feeling to express yourself through music as you do, as well… teach. "Rock On My Brother". Thank You.

  4. first timer to your site and loving it. keep it coming.

  5. Really dude? Learn how to play the style before you make a video. Stop trying to play a classic song with a modern strumming approach. Its not played like that and your chords are off. 

  6. Good but use B7 🙂
    Thank you !

  7. you spelled 'Otis Redding', 'OtTis Redding' -.-

  8. Very informative! Thanks for the lesson! =]

  9. can someone do a piano tutorial for this

  10. Notte sue about the e major chord here… Maybe it's a e sus chord

  11. italy here,thank you!:-)

  12. Thanks for showing the walking bass line slowly got it ! Great Tune just love it 

  13. That Tanglewood sounds sweet.. 

  14. yeah, that B is a prick…

  15. plsss tutorial the chords of oppa gangnam style 🙂

  16. love your stay calm poster

  17. Nail Guitar - Song Lessons

    Already done, go to my channel page and use the search box in the top right to find it. Easy :)

  18. Or summer of 69

  19. I meant tears in heaven please

  20. Please play 21 guns

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