► Animals – Maroon 5 (MELODY) Guitar Lesson ✎ FREE TAB

FREE TAB Here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b7xskl19hxz1dlt/Animals%20-%20Maroon%205%20%28Melody%29.pdf?dl=0
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  1. Dude wtf you're AWESOME!!

  2. thnx a lottttt.specially for the tabs

  3. Andrew Soenarto

    another great tutorial (y)

  4. thank youuuuuuuuuuu

  5. Pé Điêng Mận

    can u teach why not me song <3

  6. thank you very much :D

  7. Can you make a strumming for Animals maroon 5 I've tried your first video but when I use my acoustic the tone became different

  8. :3 Aweyi (Scufi)

    fejedet mutasd már meg 

  9. Dude you're awesome! I really love how you give us free music sheets too! 

  10. awesome tutorial

  11. lenin “Oh Hello” oropeza

    You went a little to fast, but really good lesson

  12. Jean Lucas Castillo Vasquez

    I want to know how do you record yourself playing the guitars in the beginning. With an app or wich program do you use?

  13. Nice Lesson Easy To Learn This Melody

  14. The Flaming Lyon

    I have a request, can you do tab for the original song, fallen kingdom by captain sparklez? thanks, i appreciate it!

  15. wow this channel is amazing I've searched all over the internet for like new pop songs but basically the newest one i could find was the Beatles 😐 

  16. Can't believe I didn't see this 😀 awesome thank you

  17. fratzen geballer

    Your tutorials are the best in the world! I nearly watched everyone and understood everything! Thanks :)

  18. Damjan Joveski

    It's really well made Thanks it helped me a lot
    But in the tabs i think u have a little mistake in the intro baby i am preying on you the notes are ale the same
    Don't get angry at me i am just 12 years old 

  19. Caio Pontes Sakamoto

    Please do am i wrong

  20. Madeline Wilkinson

    PLEAAASSEEE do a tswift song off 1989 or a 5sos song

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