► Cool Kids – Echosmith – Guitar Lesson (Easy Riff, Chords & Melody) ✎ FREE Sheet Music

FREE Sheet Music Here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iml5xj2073k0au4/Cool%20Kids%20-%20Echo%20Smith.jpg?dl=0
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  1. can you do it without the capo

  2. Vanessa Alcântara

    You could send me the liink of melodic tab? :)

  3. Good job man, keep doing what you're doing!!! Your vids and tutorials always impress me

  4. please do a tutorial of cherry wine by hozier

  5. Can you pleas make tutorial for nights aviici pls

  6. nice upload been looking for this. have to say i really like the way you teach guitar since u offer not only the standard chords but melody and original chords too. keep going with your vids i share them with my friends since vids r so helpful :)

  7. Turkse Nederlander

    I don't if its possible but it should very awesome when you Can make a lesson FOR dangerous from David guetta

  8. Thank you :D

  9. chris can u do "blank space by taylor swift

  10. amazing as always

  11. gawd finally :D

  12. Hi Chris . 
    what guitar are you using ? 

  13. John Clark Dumigpe

    i wish that i could be like the cool chris 😀 

  14. Cool!
    Good job!!!

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