► Drag Me Down – One Direction (Guitar Lesson / Tutorial) Chords & Melody + TABSs

Drag Me Down by One Direction Guitar Tutorial. Guitar Lesson. How to play. Beginners. Easy Chords. Melody


  1. your amazing!!!!

  2. Hey man, What guitar are you using in this video ??

  3. Awesome video! could you please do wake up by the vamps?

  4. Aniprat Enterprises

    nice guitar

  5. what chord did you use? c?

  6. How do you make that video? I really really like this and I want to record like you so can you please tell me :)

  7. please can u make video of (wake me up when September ends)(melody)greenday please

  8. 1 word AWESOOOMMMEE !!

  9. Aniprat Enterprises


  10. Aniprat Enterprises

    can i use your chords demo you used a in the starting for my guitar videos

  11. can u please make a video of finger style for infinity or little things by one direction!!!

  12. Can I use this for my cover?? Is it necessary to mention your name??

  13. Awesome tutorial, very helpful and clear on how to play!

  14. Veronika Pavlovová

    pleaseeee do a lesson for one direction's infinity pleeeasee

  15. very amazing tutorial ,thank you very much,no other tutorial is better than this .

  16. draclua by bea miller ?

  17. What guitar is this!?

  18. Awesome loved it !!!!

  19. Can you do "Manana" by Los 5 please?

  20. Robbin Lindenberg

    where did you get that guitar? seems nice :)

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