► HOW TO PLAY | Love Yourself | Justin Bieber | Guitar Tutorial (Melody) FREE TAB

Justin Bieber Love Yourself Guitar Lesson. Tutorial with Chords and Melody Standard Tuning).


CHORDS: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yqhrg6s1vghg1i7/Love%20Yourself%20-%20Justin%20Bieber%20%28Rhythm%29.pdf?dl=0

MELODY: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vew6ipf5rm2ojrn/Love%20Yourself%20-%20Justin%20Bieber%20%28Melody%29.pdf?dl=0
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  1. Cleo Manloloyo

    do Fall by justin bieber bro. your videos are super awesome

  2. wow!! this tutorial helped me a lot!! thanks your guitar skills are amazing, keep up the good work! :)

  3. adibah rafifah


  4. Hi.Great tutorial I love it.Please can u send me the tabs of Drunk or Like I would by Zayn.I would be really grateful

  5. Thanks Chris for notes for Love yourself.

  6. XinHuiTsing 1408

    you are amazing do you have twitter or something

  7. amazing cover and tutorial Chris! keep it up!

  8. You are amazing thanks to you ..ican paly love yourself

  9. tnx :D

  10. Shivam Acharya

    can you do the what do you mean dan kanter version?

  11. Do you have Instagram

  12. when I watched that video it made me want to play a guitar could you please teach some easy simple songs for starters like me

  13. you are very talented

  14. Jorge Alejandro Moreno Robles

    can you make a tutorial of "i dont mind"?

  15. this tutorial is great. <3

  16. Very great! i like THE tutorial
    Drake – Hotlinebling please?

  17. You are amazing man, greatings from an roumain kid( sorry for my english).

  18. Could you make a tutorial for ex's and oh's by elle king or confident by demi lovato @guitarclub

  19. Brett Burdette

    I post rarely, but I I'm so grateful you posted the melody in a printable form. Much appreciated!

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