► Payphone – Maroon 5 – Guitar Lesson (Melody) ✎ FREE Tab

► Payphone - Maroon 5 - Guitar Lesson (Melody) ✎ FREE Tab

FREE TAB: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l3y7t8glbu9hixx/Payphone%20-%20Maroon%205%20%28Melody%20Version%29.pdf?dl=0


  1. the melody is lead ..

  2. Can you do a "iwill wait by mumford and sons?

  3. kenshin himura

    You're the best man! Hope you continue making chord+melody songs :)

  4. give me tab

  5. nice combination

  6. Whats the name.of the program u edited the 2 videos together?

  7. Can I get the Rhythm track anywhere for download? I need it for jamming up.

  8. nthing else could be better than this dude

  9. i downloaded it allready

  10. please play rolling in the deep

  11. u succ banana beef. THIS GUY IS WAY BETTER TAN ANYONE ELSE!!

  12. w2ooow okeee

  13. Hương Giang Trần

    what chorus ???

  14. The guitar club is so awesome. Man this guy could be the nxt ed sheeran.

  15. thanks so much for this awsome tutorial!! i love this song and i am on my way to being able to play it! ive had a lot of trouble finding good tutorials so i was so happy to find this one!! :)

  16. Sungha is so much better he does with eyes closed and only 1 recording not 2 like him

  17. thanks a lot 

  18. agustiandi lim

    Thanks for uploading this video .. it really help me.. finally i can do it.. keep it up .. may god bless you..

  19. Amazing

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