► Pompeii – Bastille (Melody) ★ Beginners Guitar Lesson ★

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  1. can make a tab for this please?

  2. The chords are C to G to E then to D, capo on the second fret. strum pattern is DDD DDD DD (D is down).

    your welcome

  3. Can i know the chords for the strumming part?? Thanks in advance :))

  4. Could you do a melody of james bay when we were on fire?

  5. Jaya wijaya lagha

    hey can you do melody of cash cash – Take me home?

  6. Arel Azarel (Blackovia)

    Can you please do westlife if i let you go melody:)

  7. SUPER! Thank you!

  8. Hello! I was wondering if you could do some beginner fingerstyle lessons because it sounds so amazing when the chords and melody flow together! :)

  9. Can you do some more fingerstyle lessons like "see you again"
    Where Melody and Rhythm is already together

  10. Yasuo ohh Yasuo ohh :3 from -INSTALOK-

  11. Nicee

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