► Stitches – Shawn Mendes (Guitar Lesson / Tutorial) Chords & Melody

Stitches by Shawn Mendes Guitar Tutorial. Guitar Lesson. How to play. Chords & Melody

CHORD TAB: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qaop8axsdc7a60t/Stitches%20-%20Shaun%20Mendes%20%28Chords%29%20Aug%201st%202015.pdf?dl=0

MELODY TAB: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8xyvf7uz9popk4a/Stitches%20-%20Shaun%20Mendes%20%28Melody%29%20Aug%201st%202015.pdf?dl=0


  1. MrJoshua391 Gaming

    what electric guitar do you have??

  2. Andy Constantinou

    TAB looks a little broken in the first section, would be cool to get this for one of my students! :D


  4. Uma Thurman by Fallout Boy

  5. do you have the melody for bridge part???

  6. Dude your to awesome!!!
    Tnx and Keep it up :)

  7. … its not really the whole song 🙁 but thanx

  8. found*

  9. The vamps – Wild heart melody please! Have been waiting for a really long time!

  10. Aniprat Enterprises

    blank space
    best song ever
    but i dont prefer blank space

  11. how do you do the thing with the cameras on two instrument
    I want to start covers like this and I'm wondering how I do the cameras

  12. a little too much :)

  13. or New americana – Halsey

  14. Face Reveal?

  15. Big fan of what you do. Thank you Guitar Club. Just wondering, why do the tabs not match the notes notated above? I see this in the first 2 measures. Also the chord charts you show don't match the tab below…I think you are awesome and I know you have tons of these that are perfect…

  16. pls can you do a beginner version of budapest by gorge ezra

  17. esta beam tutorial summers gonna hut like a mother fac … Maroon 5 please brother ..

  18. your social networks ?

  19. How do you record your videos? They are so cool!

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