► Sugar – Maroon 5 ★ Guitar Lesson / Tutorial ★ Easy Melody ★

FREE SHEET MUSIC HERE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ht7iye8iqraqz06/Sugar%20-%20Maroon%205%20%28Easy%20Version%29.pdf?dl=0


  1. sophonwitch tanprasarn

    Tune E or Eb!

  2. 헐….쌤 대박!

  3. The most important is not the melody !!! Rhytmic guitar is the most important one.

  4. can you give me the sheet music, i can't open it in dropbox .thanks

  5. Please give me a tab

  6. Süüüüüppeerr çok kolay çok güzel yapmışşın

  7. amazing


  9. I have electric guitar and ampli but not the same yours how could i make the sound of my guitar like yours?

  10. can u put the  tab download in the description box pls

  11. do you have the sheet music in pdf?

  12. Please do We Are Never Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift

  13. Thanks so much you're the best
    And a song request could you do the song nirvana by Sam smith it is for something special and I need to learn it

  14. Please, Love Who Loves You Back-Tokio Hotel

  15. Kinda too easy,please do a tutorial johny b goode chuck berry

  16. First like

  17. Awesome vid

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