► Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran – Guitar Lesson (Melody) ✎ FREE TAB

FREE TAB Here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6rqpuvh1fhpwhb4/Thinking%20Out%20Loud%20-%20Ed%20Sheeran%20%28Melody%29.pdf


  1. Dude the radioactive mega cover u were talking about in the comments section didn't seem to find it so can you send me a link or drop the video in my mail.

  2. can I request for Lost Stars by Adam Levine (melody)? thanks

  3. +The Guitar Club  Can I request for tutorial for Cannon Rock ????

  4. What app do you use to edit the videos?

  5. What are the chords?

  6. Basketball Is life

    Yes like van halen 

  7. Basketball Is life

    Can you teach us how to finger tap 

  8. LittleInfinityy AJ

    Yess, all the other videos I have watched are just the chords, ty ty for the melody.

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