► What Do You Mean – Guitar Lesson (Tutorial) Justin Bieber

► What Do You Mean - Guitar Lesson (Tutorial) Justin Bieber

What Do You Mean? by Justin Bieber Guitar Tutorial. Guitar Lesson. How to play. Chords & Melody


  1. Morpheus Joseph General

    Hey,what is the amp settings for your electric guitar?

  2. I want a free tab pls

  3. where is the tab?

  4. Yeah.I just wana say thanks for tabs.

  5. This is best channel for tabs

  6. 157Jayden - Graphics and Gaming

    hey where is the link for the download? sorry u guys are great!

  7. Pls do where are you now by jb

  8. omg ur the best , easy chords n original chords ? damn who does that , only u , thats why ur the best ever

  9. why don't you have the tab sheet

  10. Melody- 6:27

    FingerStyle- 3:52

    Easy Chords- 1:14

    Original Chords- 2:35

  11. tigran avagyan

    It is nice but you cant play good

  12. Eggplantgaming

    what does it mean?

  13. melody tab?

  14. please make full version

  15. can you make tab

  16. helped me a lot

  17. ian leonardo jimenez alamilla

    waiting for love

  18. what does it is mean?ohh ohh

  19. where can i get the tabs for fingerstyle?

  20. shivam choraria

    can you please make the full version

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