► You And I – One Direction – Guitar Lesson (Melody) ✎ FREE TAB

FREE TAB Here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9jujmfiftz5u2gh/You%20%26%20I%20-%20One%20Direction%20%20%28Melody%29.pdf
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  1. whole song tuitorial please :(

  2. Can you make tutorial on chords and especially on the strumming rhythm?

  3. U r amazing dude.It was so easy to learn from you.Thank you very much.

  4. i did in 5to 10 secs

  5. Laure hajislam

    so helpful i did it within 3 days
    really thanks

  6. Shreeyanshi Atharv


  7. Jimwel Anobong



  9. Uhmm I was just wondering why you don't do all parts of the song like the bridge of the other songs. Well, you have been a lot of help for me in learning guitar songs like the other post but it's not complete so.. But you are really helpful. I hope you do notice that I comment on some of your lesson so thank you for that. I was just really wondering. So thank you in advance if you replied to this. :)

  10. ambra maggioni


  11. Alexia Carbajal

    I know how to do it

  12. SuperApplejacks13

    Why does the b stay on the g?

  13. i love it so much…. pls do more one direction songs like this plsss

  14. !!!!!

  15. pewdiepie fifth harmony

    Thank u this was more easier to understand and do 

  16. where is the strumming part?

  17. Bro tell me the chords 😀 i cant memories it Pls. bro ! 

  18. The Guitar club thank u so much for this wonderful and helpful video. and which video editor do u use??? can you please tell me please.. 

  19. awesome 

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