♪♫ The Pretenders – Back On The Chain Gang (Tutorial)

Acoustic guitar tutorial for The Pretenders – Back On The Chain Gang
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  1. I can actually completely follow your instruction. You are very good sir. I'll look for more stuff from you.

  2. Nice lesson. mate. Thank you!

  3. what happenedto the audio??

  4. Great lesson, thanks a million. We need you back on YouTube, you haven’t been around in ages. I hope you’re well.

  5. Super man thank you

  6. I have a room full of guitars and stopped playing after my wife committed suicide. Just never was able to really want to play again but watching your videos has made me get them back out. It just clicked. Thank you so much for your vids. What a blessing!

  7. Thank you man your awesome greatly greatly appreciated

  8. Thanks!

  9. OMG, you are a genius! Thank you so much for posting this tutorial; being a somewhat beginning guitar player, I can't play B or even the B power chord yet. But taking the E shape and moving it to the 8th fret to play B and then to the 6th fret to play A is just what I needed! Thanks again, I will be learning this song from beginning to end tonight, until my fingers fall off!

  10. Thank you so much for this Colin


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  12. That's a good class. You, Sir, have a special talent. Thank you.. Greetings from Clombia.. This is one of my favorite songs from Crissy

  13. BTW…. the low end on that guitar sounds awesome!

  14. Great job!… thank you! Nice to add thousand-n-one ways to play a phrase…. I like em all!

  15. Thank you so much! I'd never discover that intro chords by my own.

  16. Freddy Juan Rojas Guitierrez

    Wonderfull. Good teacher, the better

  17. What I like about you, besides your teaching style, is that you do songs that I would never have picked to learn on my own. Then I watch and realize how great these songs are to play. Thank you!

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