🎸 "Feathered Indians" guitar lesson w/ tab & chords (Tyler Childers)

My notes / chords / tabs for this lesson: http://playsongnotes.com/songs/tyler-childers-feathered-indians/

In this lesson, I’ll teach you how to play “Feathered Indians” by Tyler Childers โ€“ complete with the chords, riff for the intro (tabs included), strumming patterns, and amore. Great song, fantastic album โ€“ check it out if you haven’t.

0:00 Playthrough
1:24 Greeting
2:24 Capo 5th fret
2:32 Intro: chords needed
3:54 Intro: D riff
5:06 Intro: A riff
5:55 Intro: G riff
11:23 Strumming
12:45 Verse & chorus
14:15 Farewell

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  1. Excellent thank you!!!

  2. Best Tyler Childers lesson yet, as a beginning guitarist helped me out a lot with how thorough you were. Iโ€™d like to make a request for a little less popular Childers song, back when he was still with the โ€œfoodstampsโ€, messed up kid

  3. Do bass tutorials

  4. Shake the frost!

  5. Can you do a tutorial of born again by Tyler childers

  6. Great lesson David! Much much appreciated.

  7. Thanks for the lesson! I appreciate it

  8. Great video, thanks for the help.Keep it up!

  9. Haven't actually picked up my guitar to learn this yet, but I gotta say, awesome tutorial, easy to follow and straight to the point. Bravo!

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    Excellent tutorial! Thank You!

  11. Great lesson man

  12. This is a great lesson on this song man. So thorough and easy to follow.

  13. You got the lyrics wrong, he says fuck

  14. Awesome lesson!!

    Question…on the G chord, since Iโ€™m only strumming the first 3 or 4 strings….could I do the hammer ons with my ring finger instead of my pinky?

    Perhaps Iโ€™m missing something which is entirely possible for a relative novice like myself.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to upload these lessons!

  15. Please do more Tyler Childers

  16. Hello! If you take request, I would love for you to do a video on how to play Charleston Girl! Please and thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I love Tyler Childers and my favorite song is Feathered Indians. Thanks for the video!

  18. Def one of the best lessons out there.

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