🎸 Heart of Gold • guitar lesson w/ intro tab & chords (Neil Young)

Notes & tabs for this lesson: http://playsongnotes.com/songs/neil-young-heart-of-gold/

In this lesson I’ll teach you how to play the classic tune “Heart of Gold” by Neil Young, which includes a demonstration of the chords, strumming patterns, and the intro riff (with tabs). I hope you enjoy!

Lesson timestamps:

– 0:00 Preview & Greeting
– 1:14 How to play the riff
– 7:33 Chords needed
– 9:35 Strumming pattern
– 15:10 Full playthrough w/ lyrics
– 17:57 Farewell

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  1. 0:00 Preview & Greeting
    1:14 How to play the riff
    7:33 Chords needed
    9:35 Strumming pattern
    15:10 Full playthrough w/ lyrics
    17:57 Farewell

  2. Really great lesson there. I watched the entire lesson without a guitar in hand but will return to it in earnest soon

  3. Bellissima grazie

  4. Great lesson. here are some Neil Young songs I would love to learn. Helpless, Down By The River, Southern Man, Ohio and Keep On Rockin In The Free World.

  5. Best lesson of this great song on YouTube.

  6. Great lesson, thanks

  7. Great lesson!

  8. Thank you!!!!

  9. can i request a song please ? jet – look what you'e done

  10. Can You Do More Johnny Cash Like Man In Black And Orange Blossom Special

  11. Just discovered channel while goofing around on reddit. Outstanding lesson. You're a fantastic teacher. Clear explanation. Appreciate it! Please keep them coming!

  12. Congrats for the 100k Subscribers!!

  13. The overlay of the chords, and strum pattern is extremely effective.. Thanks so much for the great lesson on a great song… Best of luck in the coming year… From a Texan in the Philippines…

  14. Man that was Great! Thank you!
    Congratulations on your subs, and well deserved Youtube plaque! (coming soon)

  15. Request! !! Badflower ghost please!!!

  16. David, thanks for the lesson. I appreciate the time stamps as well.

  17. Hemantha de silva

    Perfect comfortable selection of song.I love"Heart of Gold".Your teaching techniques are absolutely perfect and impressive…!!!! Please keep on applying this method of teaching that really really makes me easy to grasp the theme of what you're trying to give your followers.Thank you so so much! God Bless you..!!!!I'm from the Paradise of the Indian Ocean…

  18. Another outstanding lesson. Thanks!

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