🎸 Ring of Fire • Johnny Cash guitar lesson w/ tabs (easy)

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In this video I’ll show a tutorial on how to play “Ring of Fire”, the classic made famous by Johnny Cash. I’ll teach you how to do a complete solo acoustic version of the song, which isn’t quite how Cash played it given he typically had his band with him. I’ll show you the chords, strumming pattern needed, and also explain how to mimic the sound of the mariachi horns on your guitar. Enjoy!

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  1. You make it clear. Thank you !

  2. Hey man I love the way you play part of the song at the start, so that we will know what we are going to learn!

  3. Rubén Colomina Citoler

    wow!! It is amaizing how easier you made it!. Congratulation! I've loved the how you integrated the mariachies trumpets.

  4. Thank you for this lesson

  5. Great video, thank you.

  6. fantastic, thank you, for sharing

  7. Superb tutorial David. Thanks a lot!

  8. Good lesson, I like the way you break it down.

  9. Basic option lesson

  10. How to get the “right hand rythm”?

  11. Thanks!

  12. By far the best guitar tutorial I have seen on YT. Well structured, well layered, well presented, and of course played. Great job.

  13. What happened at 4.20? Are u strumming the top string of the chord or did it just speed up?

  14. Great lesson, I have played Ring of Fire in my learning now I can move it up a notch. Thank you

  15. u explain well mate ,n inc the strum pattern, which is good,note to some other teachers: if I was psychic id get get in touch wiv Mr cash direct wouldn't I !!

  16. Excellent – thx a lot

  17. Thanks, excellent.

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