🎸 Take Me Home, Country Roads • Easy guitar lesson w/ chords (John Denver)

Notes & tabs for this lesson: http://playsongnotes.com/songs/john-denver-take-me-home-country-roads/

In this video I’ll teach you how to play the classic John Denver song “Take Me Home, Country Roads” – using easy chords and easy strumming. This is such a classic song, I wanted to make this lesson to enable as many people to play this song as possible… I hope it helps! I’ll be teaching it in the key of G, no capo (if you want to play along w/ John Denver’s version, use a capo on the 2nd fret or switch to the key of A and use no capo).

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  1. You have nice base in your voice.. You should make a complete cover of this song..

    It would be awesome.. Trust me

  2. full chord progression 3:02

  3. I had hoped when you came to doing this song, it'd be more after Dwight and Andy's version from the Office(US). Towards the middle of the clip, Dwight starts singing it with very 'upbeat' and passionate strumming.

  4. brooksville jim

    Thanks for a great lesson. I believe the D chord is shown incorrectly with open 6th and fifth strings.

  5. my something good by Alt j hopes are still there

  6. Régis LASSALLE

    Excellent Monsieur

  7. Personally I play the F chord like you showed but I use my index finger to hold down both the B and e strings on the first fret. Great video!

  8. haha bobblehead

    the best teacher on youtube!

  9. Rachel LeBlanc

    Definitely going to learn this one. Thanks for the lesson.

  10. thank youuuuu i always wanted to learn this 😀

  11. Love this song always cheers

  12. I was looking for a new song to learn today and this one popped up so my Sunday will be dedicated to this one. Awesome song by awesome artist and taught by my favorite teacher. I always bump yours to the top of my list if it is a song I know and like (and most are). Thanks for another excellent lesson. Always appreciated.

  13. Is it possible for you to do more play along videos for the songs you make lessons on?

  14. can you do get rythm by johnny cash.

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