🔴10 EASY Popular Rock Solos – Guitar Lesson

**TABS FOR THIS LESSON: https://guitarlessonvideoswithtabs.yolasite.com/ Great for beginners! How to play 10 popular rock guitar solos that are easy to play on guitar.
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  1. GUITAR LESSONS - BobbyCrispy

    **NEW GUITAR LESSON WEBSITE MAKES LEARNING SUPER EASY: https://guitarlessonvideoswithtabs.yolasite.com/

  2. How do you know in witch order the lines go

  3. I puzzled because one Gos from bottom up than next tune starts in the middle than bottom than top that's what's confusing me

  4. I was ok the first few thinking you went from the bottom up than the lines went in different directions and it wasent explained so very hard to take in

  5. Why are all the easy songs the ones that suck ass? Gimme crazy train!

  6. Isnt freebird done with a slide?

  7. Thank you brother. I liked the video and it has helped me to learn the guitar tabs. I
    enjoyed playing it. I know playing veena. I am 56years and learning guitar at home. I am grateful to you.

  8. Thank you, excellent tutorial!

  9. OhThat’sJoni

    i like this style of teaching kudos!

  10. Freebird easy solo? 9min.Wtf? Idiot

  11. Really?? The first 5 notes and that is all??

  12. Fucking magnificent…keep up the good work

  13. vraiment c est génial pour les débutants merci pour eux bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Great stuff Bobby! BTW what software do you use to add tab to your videos?

  15. Great selection and instruction- Viewing the tabs makes all the difference. Thank-You!

  16. Thank you

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