1-2-3 Jazz Chord Melody – #2 Major Chords – Guitar Lesson – Frank Vignola

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  1. very good at what he does im sure. but "warriors come out and play" sorry and no disrespect.

  2. What Doug Thompson Said – Thank you so very much!

  3. Finally a guitarist willing to slow down enough to teach advanced concepts..if you play for accuracy not speed..speed will come natuarally and you won`t practice your mistakes..when you play too fast all you do is practice your mistakes…they will never go away..they will only get worse..they won`t disappear by playing faster..you can cover them up with special effects but they don`t go away.

  4. ill buy the course on the strength of this thanks

  5. Great stuff here. !!!   Thanks!

  6. Very powerful stuff!  Brilliant in its simplicity of concept.  Thank you VERY much!

  7. BloodyCatastrophee

    Frank, You're Awesome!!!!!! 🙂 Thank you!!!! I've been wanting to work on chord melodies. This might end up helping me out with that. It's definitely given me a good perspective on how to do it. Thank you!!!!!!!! :))))))))))))

  8. Quite useful to me !  tks

  9. Frank you are a master musician an, quite clearly a very skilled tutor. You not in the X Men are you? ;-)

  10. Great lesson

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