1-2-3 Jazz Chord Melody – #25 Arrangement – Guitar Lesson – Frank Vignola



  1. Thomas Scillieri

    I've seen him perform live and have a bunch of his Truefire tutorials and books. Frank Vignola is an amazing teacher and performer. People who come into contact with him and go on to learn from him are very fortunate. So many teachers assume you either know stuff that you don't, or just fly through stuff almost as if they didn't really care if you learned anything at all. Frank is very thorough. You have to walk before you can run..

  2. A top class player dumbing down just to explain it to the newbies like myself. Very humbling.

  3. This is a great lesson, even though most guitar players are impatient and just want it all in 3 minutes. Thing is, it can't be properly taught in 3 minutes.  This goes to show the methodical approach it takes to break down even a simple song correctly. As "boring" as this instruction may sound to some players, IMO no one explains things better than Frank does. Thanks for posting.

  4. Adam Hinchliffe

    Insanely slow approach. Am doing the same thing but with Robert Contis assembly line. With him it's more do your homework then see if you got it right. You get the answer on the video and at the back of the book….and the method comes together pretty quick

  5. Only one way to walk people through. Guitar players are impatient, and his insistence on seeing each note / chord combination in a chord vocabulary context is helpful to me. My problem is seeing the connections that will enable me to find my way around all that's unfamiliar. I can doodle like a demon, but this helps me find the music.

  6. This must be the most boring but informative video ever 

  7. Couldn't stand more than a minute of the "I'm talking to a 3 Years old child" explanation…

  8. Great lessons superb teacher.

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