1-2-3 Songwriting – #4 Lyrics & Melody – Guitar Lesson – Ravi

1-2-3 Songwriting - #4 Lyrics & Melody - Guitar Lesson - Ravi

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  1. Ysabelle Utrera

    I love this. Will you post a video where you sing the whole of your song?

  2. Thanks for this! It helped so much! 

  3. *YOU'RE.

  4. You look and sound a bit like Jake Johnson :D

  5. Frederik Thaysen

    Did you make the song in this video or are you just showing us the process you went through, when you wrote the song?
    You seem so confident in everything you say, and sometimes it feels like you have to remember how it goes… So I get the feeling you already made the song before the video was made.

  6. Hey bitch you aint writting a song for disney

  7. good job man

  8. you're alone*

  9. Gianni Filippini

    Very helpful, thanks so much for sharing this.

  10. ftscottkillbilly

    Man! I'm SO glad I watched this video in it's entirety. I was getting tired and thinking i'll probably doze off any minute. But as the vidwo progressed so did the inspiration you've given me. Now I'm up and at em, warming up some coffee ready to try my hand at a "boy meets girl" type of song, and I know exactly who she is!

  11. You are great! thanks man.

  12. Really good lesson. Everyone has their own style, and I often write with whatever comes off the top of my head and later tweak it, but this is very good for developing a song I think. Thank you for this video- I haven't thought about constructing a song in such a conscious way before, I look forward to watching many more good videos like this.

  13. tis a tough process to put across. Good on you for sharing your technique.

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