1 Easy Way to Master Alternate Picking (Guitar Lesson)

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  1. Your videos are awesome!,,,

  2. Ever since watching this video, every time I'm shredding, I imagine I'm being chased by a mad, rabies infected mongrel, and the only way to get away is to pick faster.

  3. I used to play guitar, gonna pick it back up, I had no idea up picking was called alternate picking, just thought it came natural, or it was used when playing a lick thats too fast to only down pick. Never really had to practice it..it was kind of always just there

  4. For the first year of my playing I played with three fingers only doing downstrokes because I thought I was James Hetfield. I’m a little better at alternate picking now but I’m still struggling with using 2 fingers on the pick.

  5. I once had problems playing fast and found a solution on my own. After watching this video I have to say that my alternate picking is sick as fuck.

  6. What's the guitar model called? I love it! Great lesson.

  7. PrimeBot Productions

    I just want to play misirlou

  8. Dude I have been watching your videos and I can tell you truly want to help guitarist get better.  And that's really cool and admirable.  I'm new to youtube and a musician myself, self-taught all the way and I just look for well grounded guitar videos without the egos.  I can read people very well and although most of the stuff in your lesson I already know its cool to see a guitarist who really wants to help people.  I think your Ibanez guitars are killer looking too!  I dig checking them out.  You got some killer chops in there and great ideas to help think outside of the box to boot.  I get fixated on shredding so much I start to not think outside of the box that's my only problem.  Good job bro!

  9. Steve Stine is one of the very best teachers on the entire Internet!! Steve knows his shit !!

  10. This guy is a fantastic teacher. Bottom line.

  11. Always good to be reminded of this stuff

  12. I think you've helped me solve my swishy sound problem. I've definitely been over exaggerating the angle. Thanks!

  13. That’s one sexy Ibanez Jem

  14. Great Video , really helpfull 😀

  15. I love the look of the fret markers, phillips head screws, well yeah the lesson is awesome too!

  16. what angle are u holding the pick? up or down?

  17. Good Stuff Steve! Thank you! 😀

  18. Very helpful! This is the first thing my teacher wants me to work on besides chords believe it or not.

  19. I thought it was interesting about the stiffing up your muscles part, it doesn't only make your guitar playing harder, a lot of other general activities are also affected by this.
    It's hard to loosen up once it has become a bad habit, but it's great to hear the issue being adressed by a professional.

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