#1 Hallelujha by Jeff Buckley FIngerstyle Guitar Lesson Acoustic Guitar

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  1. Mauro Del Angel

    No entiendo el ingles pero las notas si gracias. porque explicas con mucho detalle

  2. Cherina Aquino

    @Marco Cirillo dude could you make a fingerstyle tutorial of the official soundtrack of 'Goblin: the lonely great god' the stay with me song by chanyeol please?

  3. #I Live 4 Guitar

    i realy need #2!! hurry up !!!!

  4. modestas zukas

    When is next part of this song??? I really liked it :)))

  5. #I Live 4 Guitar

    when #2 ?? hurry up pls !!!!! Lv ya

  6. i subbed. so happy i found you!

  7. My Leonard (T-T)

  8. mctwinkie twinkie

    can you do "there's nothing holding me back" Shawn Mendes ?

  9. Can you make a tutorial on how to play killswitch engage my curse

  10. This one so cool

  11. could you make an intermediate level tuitorial? pls

  12. tugas seni 8a darma satria persada

    make the second part please

  13. halleluljah to you my friend!

  14. Thanks man ! Awesome tutorial . good song !
    Like like anytime !

  15. OMG!!! I am happy to be a Subscriber, you rock!!

  16. Emmanuel Aguayo

    amazing! thanks 4 sharing

  17. ❤️

  18. Joshua Moochooram

    Please do "La rumba – Zorro". It's a spanish style song. I'm sure you'll enjoy making it.

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