1 Soloing Secret for Creating More Melody (Guitar Lesson)

GuitarZoom’s Steve Stine explains a simple technique for creating more melodic solos in this cool and informative guitar lesson.

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  1. Fahim Ul Kabir Khan

    Sir I have been using this technique, but it gets monotonous after a while nd I run out of licks to improvise. help…!

  2. I love that ibanez

  3. This guy could teach cows how to fly. Great stuff.

  4. What I have done is learn what chords are used and then find the root notes on the fret board. That will lead you up and done the neck finding were the root notes are…

  5. sir , you are the best teacher in the world !!!!,"

  6. I do know a bit of theory (music is incredibly awesome!) and this lesson really knits things together for me! Thanks.

  7. Pity, the link to the free PDF has already expired. Would have loved to check it out as I only just stumbled onto this.

  8. This guy should play with Metallica

  9. annoying annotations,

  10. Thanks for breaking it down to a level I can actually undertand Steve!!! lol

  11. how i wish to have a brother like you! hahahahaha ur awesome men! great teacher.


  13. Love this concept. Thanks for another get lesson.

  14. Many thanks. Very well explained.

  15. William Castleberry

    Very good video. Thank you for not having all the effects turned up so much that you can't tell  what the guitar sounds like. I would like to hear you use this approach  to play some real rock and roll and rock a billy (( 50's music where reverb and delay were the effects of choice) Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins, ect.) Thank YouRay C

  16. I find major pentatonic harder to use musicaly than the minor pent

  17. You should do some major pentatonic licks/ideas video

  18. You are a truly great teacher Steve, love all the little tips and techniques you share.
    Love your Jem too. I used to have a 1987 JEM 777 DY. Sold it and have regretted ever since.

  19. I love your videos, I been playing since I was 13 in 1983 and I always find something new to learn. Thank you.

  20. seems so easy the way you show and explain things…but honestly, sometimes it feels like I should just give up trying to learn guitar.

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