#1 The Godfather Acoustic Guitar Lesson for Beginners [melody and bass]

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  1. Great!

  2. can you please do one with starry starry night (vincent)

  3. awesome in process of learning. your the best fingerstyle teach. why don't u do beginner tutorial fingerstyle on u tube as u would do amazingly well

  4. obrigado por mais esta excelente Aula

  5. beautiful amazing tutorial im waiting for part 2. Pleaaase i request if is possible the Theme from Romeo and Juliet~ thank you

  6. I heartily thank you for this awesome tutorial . I really liked it . It took me about 45 mins to master the song . Thanks also for your detailed explanations .

  7. i like your arrangements a lot.

  8. I think I should learn this from you… not bad.. thnk u for the lessons

  9. Awesome video! thanks!

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