10 ACOUSTIC SONGS that taught me guitar (easy to hard)

10 ACOUSTIC SONGS that taught me guitar (easy to hard)

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My 20+ years of learning guitar, portrayed in 10 acoustic songs. We start with the most basic techniques, and end with something more challenging!

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Hi, my name is Paul Davids! I am a guitar player, teacher, producer, and overall music enthusiast from the Netherlands! I try to inspire people from all over the world with my videos, here on YouTube.
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  1. You are so good motivated me soo much

  2. I can play the first one. The second is already too hard lol.

  3. I’m happy there are three on the list I know. Working hard on a fourth & your number 1, NGBA, but doubly difficult for me since having the index finger on my picking hand amputated.

  4. Arsenio Berlin

    Thank you for the vid. Here are my ten: House of the Rising Sun, Hey Joe… 40 years of not playing a guitar. Then … Happy just to dance with you, Here Comes the Sun, Perfectly Good Guitar, Behind Blue Eyes, My Funny Valentine(Elvis Costello version), Life on Mars, Baby please don't go(the Lightnin Hopkins version) and Eu Sei que vou te amar(Caetano Veloso version)

  5. Can you do a vid on getting better at timing/rhythm?

  6. yousician is a great way to learn guitar…

  7. I’ve been trying to get Never Going Back Again down for the last two years, to no avail. It’s so tough to imitate Lindsey Buckingham’s ‘2-guitar’ sound. Some day…

  8. Lucas Corbello

    Thank you so much quarantine got me bored

  9. Attraction 2 Money

    Many of my same top 10 only you have mastered them. How many hours avg a day do you play to keep learning and playing over and over?

  10. matthew kaveney

    That acoustic guitar sounds fantastic

  11. Simon Telemaque

    I didn't know I didn't care I still dont care

  12. Yeah how bout you simmer down and teach some of those on your channel


  14. Pearl Jam Just Breath I would like to learn it.

  15. Drie frikandel speciaaaaaaaal

  16. Lucid dreams was copied from shape of my heart fun fact

  17. Free Falling by Tom Petty was actually my first song with a Capo

  18. Davide Fabrizzi

    Slow cheetah is sooo good, pleasantly surprised to see it here.

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