10 EASY GUITAR LICKS Every Guitarist Should Know!

10 EASY GUITAR LICKS Every Guitarist Should Know!

Does your soloing need a little creative boost? Try playing through 10 of my favourite “easy” licks!
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  1. Darrell,

    Can't thank you enough for these informative videos. It has changed my whole aspect of playing and I am improving daily. It has opened up a whole new level of creativity. Awesome stuff!!

  2. Easy licks to play, but when you are counting the time with your foot (paaaa. papa. papa. papa|), is not thaaat easy hahaha

  3. Brother you’re changing YouTube!!!

  4. Great video

  5. Thanks again! I've got some practicing to do.

  6. tottenham brasil Brasil

    Um abraço do tamanho do Brasil.
    Thank you

  7. i learned similar stuff from blues and Jimi Hendrix guitartab books 23 years ago. great video

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  9. 10 out of 10 sir ! Great content and excellent teaching. Its so refreshing to see someone break it down simply and take the time to demonstrate at different tempi. Thank you

  10. Lightning theBeast

    I don't even know what Licks mean
    I am hopeless

  11. Rakhitha Mutucumarana

    You just earned a subscriber. Awesome video

  12. Awesome video, of course it's all the in between licks you play between the lesson lick that has me chomping at the bit!

  13. Awesome !

  14. Awesome !

  15. Quite a challenge in acoustic nonetheless licks are great , thanks so much!

  16. You are a good teacher and I appreciate you taking the time to post these videos

  17. is it weird if i play this at an acoustic guitar ?

  18. Could you please tab what you were doing while playing with the beat cause the stuff you added in sounded nice

  19. You’re a legend

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