10 EASY shapes to master bass chords… for good!

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I always get lots of questions from my students regarding how to approach playing chords on the bass…

They sound cool. They’re super fun. And, they’re GREAT for getting your ear training chops together.

So, I thought it’d be fun to show you 10 specific chord shapes that will give you EVERYTHING you need to be a chord ninja on the bass…

Seriously, these 10 shapes are what I base pretty much ALL of my chordal patterns upon – and to make things even cooler, you only have to change 1 note to move between each chord!

So – if you can memorise just 2 shapes, and then remember which 1 note to change within each chord, you’ll have memorised ALL 10 patterns.

In other words – there’s NO excuses. I want you to NAIL these chords shapes within the next few weeks (max).

Oh… and there’s homework at the end of the lesson for ya.

Now… check out the new lesson and let me know in the comments underneath the video whether chords are something that have confused you in the past, scared you because you don’t know where to start, or they’re simply something you’ve been meaning to get into but just haven’t got around to yet. I wanna hear your experiences!

As always, see you in the shed…

Scott 🙂

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  1. Hi Scott, I admire your knowledge and bass technique! True professional. The sound you get out of these strings is absolutely amazing, whatever playing style you apply on them. I must say it's your ability really, rather than the strings nevertheless, they sound absolutely fab them four, ''strings I mean''. I've been going like mad through your videos to find what gauge of La bella you're using. Lots of you followers are trying to guess, in vain, but most of are none wiser like me. Please don't keep as in suspense, and unveil the conundrum for as. I await your response. Thanks a lot in advance

  2. What if I want to master bass chords…for evil?

    Ok the comment under mine beat me to it A year ago…

    What's wrong with playing multi note chords? Do it all the time.been in 2 bass/0 guitar bands and you'd never know it unless I wanted you to.

  3. Horatio aka Jeremy Johnson

    Question. When laying the index finger across the board. How does one apply proper pressure across all strings? I keep getting buzz on the d string from lack of pressure. when I try to fix it, I don't have enough on the E. I tried a finger on top of the index but it makes it too hard to have another finger on another note. C minor 7th flat 5 is what I'm referring to.

  4. 4:41 thats what she said

  5. Scott La Faro. Better than 80s bass sound by a million.

  6. Rebel Reality Music

    can you do one for 6 string bass

  7. Don't mind me, just timestamping a good bit for me to jump to for future reference – 6:25

  8. very very useful! thank you!

  9. 50 peoples knobs fell off.

  10. Since Friday 14th September 2018, i have not been able to download ANY of the workbooks. starts off at 50%, then freezes.

  11. hahaa, you said do do

  12. How did your bass get like that?

  13. Great tutorial – love the tone of the chords – it’s like the bass lines u hear in intelligent drum n bass

  14. get to the point, I am outta here…

  15. Thanks, mate, this is EXACTLY the info I needed to learn! Love your playing!

  16. Great lesson! Chordal parts can sound really cool on bass.

  17. those chords are so soothing wtf

  18. I'm also a slapper and thumper but have yet to master slapping/plucking and incorporating chords while the groove is still slapping/plucking. Any suggestions you can offer is greatly appreciated.

  19. How are you playing those notes without them buzzing out and/or muting out the important notes of the chord?

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