10 Famous Bass Guitar Riff Hook Lines With TABS EricBlackmonMusicHD YouTube

Peter Gunn/Henry Mancini 0:25 – Green Onions/Booker T & MG’s 0:47 – Pick Up The Pieces/Average White Band 1:10 – Black Dog/Led Zeppelin 1:35 – I Want Your Love/Chic 2:05 – Back In Black/AC/DC 2:26 – Chameleon/Herbie Hancock 3:02 – Billy Jean/Michael Jackson 3:28 – Mercedes Boy/Pebbles 3:55 – Skin Tight/ Ohio Players 4:28 .MORE FAMOUS BASS RIFFS https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHdKL0zeGNk4kh0niTjyL0EIKrzZYtySX
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  1. Thanks so much…thats gonna be my tutor for me!

  2. Burbing Berries

    Can you do " She's a fast persuader" by Jamiroquia?

  3. Well done ! I discovered some songs I didn't know. Thanks for sharing this great basslines. 🙂

  4. Good teacher.

  5. You're the man, Eric!

  6. Dwayne Alistair Thomas

    Ive been wanting to learn that Billie Jean riff. Thank you

  7. U play that funky music right, man!

  8. love the funk. the 70s is the best thing that ever happened to bass players.

  9. Thanks just started playing last month. The videos with tabs help alot.

  10. meastro…. pls include for whom the bell tolls… in your next famous bass line 🙂

  11. Black Dog! Niiiiiiice.

  12. FunkyCapedCrusaderSirNoseD'voidofFunk

    funny, I just started practicing Peter Gunn XD

  13. Rahsaan D. Bartet

    Always a nice variety music! Thanks

  14. Rahsaan D. Bartet

    Always a nice variety music! Thanks

  15. ;-} – you got soul brother.

  16. Nicholas Nelson

    P.S. You Rock! And if you get a chance, can you please, add any one of George Benson song to your consideration list? Thanks again.

  17. Nicholas Nelson

    Now that was a fun video!… I have a Schecter, Diamond Series, Raiden DLX-4, with Marcus Miller “fat beams'' on it, and you Sir, have inspired me once again, to pick it up, and start playing it again. You inspired me to pick my acustic guitar up again, and now my base. You are most definitely the man in my book, as the guy's would say when I was growing up, you're one cool cat!… Most definitely, I thank you for all of the time, and effort you have put into each video, and thank you for all of the knowledge that you are so freely giving to us. I couldn't afford the lessons that you give us for free. So again, Mr. Blackmon, I thank you from the heart. Be blessed all the days of your life. Thanks again!

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