10 Minute Guide To Melodic Soloing – Guitar Lesson – Turn Scales Into Memorable Solos – EASY

This is a quick guide on how to melodically solo in major pentatonic. If you want to drastically improve your melodic major pentatonic phrasing ideas check out Blues Soloing Secrets Major Pentatonic Level 1 and 2 in the link below!


With over 17 1/2 hours of instruction between the two courses by the time you are done you will not only have a new bag of licks at your disposal but you will have the tools and understanding to create your own melodic major pentatonic licks.

Since there are two levels there is something here for everyone no matter what your playing level!

Want to kick your playing up a notch? Check out the website and take your playing from copying other peoples licks to creating your own!


Got a song request? Click the link below to enter your request. If I choose your request you will have a chance at getting a guitar center gift card.

Looking for more free in depth instruction? Check out the videos below where I cover everything from acoustic strumming to how master your fretboard in the major and minor pentatonic soloing series.

Interested in learning how to solo better? Want to understand how and why your favorite artists solos sound so good? Click on one of the free video series below.

Major Pentatonic:

Minor Pentatonic:

Want to tighten up your acoustic strumming and rhythm guitar playing check out the strumming tutorial here:

Want a couple of drum tracks to practice your rhythm or soloing? Click on the links below:

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  1. Great lesson bruh… Learned a lot…

  2. You know its funny.. Lol he looks a lot like brad paisley


  4. can i get that opening "hhh-yeah!" as a ringtone for my phone?

  5. papa thanks thanks thanks thanks. this is mind blowing thanks

  6. papastaches whats Mic do u used may i asked ?sound fantastic!

  7. I learn a little bit more every single day. Ive learned more from you than anyone else in my life. You take things that I know already but make it simple.. Thanks so much

  8. 1:36 – death stare

  9. Thank you for opening another musical door on the guitar for me!

  10. OMG Thank you!!!

  11. Brett, couldn't you just change keys with every chord? If it's an AMaj play in that scale if it's a GMaj play a Gmaj pentatonic, Em play an Em Penatonic? Actually I know the answer is yes, what I'm asking is do you do that? And do you have a lesson on that? Thanks!

  12. ah, it all makes sense now…i wish? but i guess I can't learn it all in 13:50. thanks papa, I'll keep trying

  13. Excellent….-:))

  14. U deserve thumbs up dude 🙂
    great lesson!

  15. 🙂 man u do a good job and u are skilled and so positive, thank u

  16. time – pink floyd!

  17. Been watching for years just thought I'd say Thanks

  18. Good video, but I happen to pause at 20 1/2 seconds, scary looking.

  19. Pentatonic Minor not major for all you beginners.

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