12 Bar Blues In 12 Keys – Blues Rhythm Guitar Lessons [BL-201]

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This is the first lesson in a series of lesson looking at Blues Rhythm Guitar, an Intermediate Module. This lesson looks at a simple visual trick to get you playing a 12 Bar Blues in every and any key. It’s quite simple, but something I struggled with when I first started playing Blues rhythm which is why I’m starting the course with this – it’s absolutely essential that you understand this… I know I rambled a bit and repeated stuff, but it’s so important that I wanted to ensure it goes in 🙂

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  1. this is so much more difficult than I anticipated – my hands hurts after 3 minutes! I guess it takes a while after the hand is getting relaxed enough… this and bends are the bitches of blues 🙂

  2. cant get fingers a cross

  3. goodonya mate…TY

  4. justin you just made things dead clear for me thanks

  5. That was just right thanks and cheers to you love ya. Cap.

  6. Suck a fun cool video!!

  7. Very awesome!

  8. Chanka chanka…yeahh

  9. Very helpful advice – I’ve learnt more from this one video since starting to dabble with the guitar more than 40 years ago!

  10. That was really helpfull. Thanks justin

  11. he stretched the basic part so much

  12. Great explanation as always Justin! Don't understand why so many dislikes on this video?!

  13. I like the staying on same string part – best sound I think…

  14. He said that the II degree in key of B is god damn C tell me if im wrong but its not a fuckin C#????

  15. very sweet

  16. A concise & informative lesson Justin! You have a natural ability to communicate in a personable & encouraging way which so many other online teachers lack. Can't think what those 166 thumbs downers were looking for but they obviously missed the point. You can't please em all… Appreciate your efforts in making these excellent & instructive videos! But man those bar chords up around the neck are hellish on acoustic guitar"!

  17. This was really helpful to me thanks

  18. Thanks Justin you are great.

  19. What's about Minor still be the same I IV V ?

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