15 Minutes To Better Solos – Guitar Lesson – Melodic Soloing Tips and Tricks

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In this lesson we explore how to make your solos more melodic. We do this by learning how to find different chord shapes within our pentatonic scales. Once we can do this we will be able to have the confidence and skills to solo over almost any common chord progression. This lesson will show you a quick tip to finding major pentatonic position one, also how to find the chord progression chords within it. Good luck! Happy soloing! Thanks for watching!


  1. That was a great lesson. Very comprehensive but easy to follow. I am going to have to look at it a second time to make sure I fully remember it. Thanks for posting all these great instructional videos.

  2. Just what I needed! Will have to watch it twice to sink it in. One question tho. Here you're basically changing the keys you solo in. How does that compare to just soloing in one key? E.g. the song is in A major, so you solo in A major pentatonic

  3. Did you put a Humbucker in that guitar papastache?

  4. you definitely rock papastaches! WAY BETTER THAN MARTY

  5. So would you recommend hitting chord tones using the root scale instead of playing individual scales to each matching chord?

  6. Great video thanks a lot papa!

  7. Papastache, I have learned so much off you and Marty. Both of you are great teachers. Lessons like this and your Hendrix blues lessons have opened a lot of doors for me. Thankyou.

  8. Papastache, you're the man! I enjoy your videos very much. You're a great guitar player and you've got an awesome personality. Keep the videos rolling brostacheo.

  9. You are such a great teacher. You have become so much better than the past.

  10. Dude, I absolutely love ALL of your videos! I've learn a ton from your Hendrix/Blues DVDs, thank you very much 🙂
    Have you ever considered using a looping pedal so that you can quickly lay down a simple rhythm track and then solo on top of that?

  11. WeNeedCarlSaganBack

    Great video! I love this approach! Thanks a lot

  12. Hi dude, just want to say love the set up you have. I'm thinking of putting hummbuckers on the bridge of my strat.

  13. Cool Brett thanks.

  14. SHOW OFF! ha. J/K… Great lesson!! thanx 4 doing what you do!!!

  15. Great! Thanks for that! But I think it takes me ages to get there. Nevertheless there is a goal.

  16. Papastache great video! Can you do one on differing rhythms within the same song, like Hendrix used to do? Thanks.

  17. So should you always end on the root or the 3rd?

  18. 1st

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