17 Learn Electric Guitar “Bending Exercises” – Rock Guitar Lesson


The Electric Guitar is an incredibly expressive instrument.

In the following videos you will learn various articulation
techniques like Hammer Ons, Pull Offs, Slides and String Bending.

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  1. Damn what pedal(s) are you using?

  2. Definitely South African, am I right?

  3. Great video. Unless I missed it somewhere, it would be nice to show how to bend without catching other strings.That would be a great video to teach! This is a big problem and requires a good bending technique. Reaching the notes, and the innotation just isn't enough. I'd love to know if there's a secret to coming back out of the bend without the string above it sounding.

  4. l have a problem :
    When l see other people bending strings,it takes them to reach one string per half step (they need to bend to about where the closest string is,and the tone is rising in a half step).
    When l bend strings , it's a helf step for every two strings! This is making me crazy and l have no idea what makes it different when l bend!
    l have and acoustic guitar but l don't see it happening to other people that play on acoustic…
    Please help!

  5. I enjoyed your video. Thank you for taking the time.

  6. Great lesson.
    I have a question: When I bend I can often hear the strings that are above the string I'm bending, is there any trick to overcome this?

  7. That is very good!!! Lectures Thank you~!!

  8. i like your bearb and it's a really nice vid… =D keep it up ! PEaCe!

  9. When bending, how do you prevent the adjacent strings from sounding concurrent with the string you're trying to bend? Even when I back up the bent note, they're moving and screwing up everything…thanks!

  10. @SydSisante with much more pain

  11. @RockerSpirit7 Thank Man I also like it!
    I recorded this class with my PRS Custom 24 into a POD X3 Steve Lukather Setting recorded with Cubase…easy capieasy
    Ciao 4 Now

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