18 and Life Guitar Lesson (Chords/Outro Solo) – Skid Row

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In this 18 and Life guitar lesson video series, I will show you how to play this classic by Skid Row song note-for-note.

The first video will cover all of the rhythm guitar parts, including the intro and the outro guitar solo.

The intro is instantly recognizable and is built around a C minor bar chord. It is arpeggio picked with slight variations added each time the pattern is repeated. Getting this riff to sound correct is probably the most difficult task of all the rhythm guitar parts.

For the other sections of the song you mostly encounter power chords except in the chorus where there is also an arpeggio picked guitar riff doubled over the power chords. All-in-all though, the rhythm guitar parts for “18 and Life” should be pretty easy for the intermediate level guitarist. I will finish up the first video lesson with a look at the highly melodic outro guitar solo!

Up next in the second video lesson, the MAIN GUITAR SOLO!

The lead guitarist on this Skid Row track was Scotti Hill who created an instant classic with a solo containing some nice melodic licks, liberal use of pinch harmonics and little bit of flash at the end.

In this 18 And Life guitar solo lesson, I will teach you note-for-note how to play all of those techniques.

Besides being one of the greatest power ballads ever written, “18 And Life” is Skid Row’s most successful single to date. You need to have a great solo to compliment such a great song and it is a good thing that Scotti Hill definitely delivered the goods with this one.

Except for a couple fast licks towards the very end of the solo, I think an intermediate level player could handle playing this guitar solo. The pinch harmonics can be a bit tricky, but finding the right spot on your guitar for those harmonics is the key. After you have done that it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

I think the solo for “18 And Life” is also a great one to study to learn how to create a solo that compliments a song well. There were lot’s of good ones written in the 80’s, but in most players opinions, the solo for “18 And Life” is one of the very best. It has everything a great 80’s guitar solo needed, melody, a few cool guitar tricks, a memorable hook and a little bit of guitar flash.

I Hope you guys enjoy learning this classic song from probably the greatest era for rock guitar lovers! Well at least it’s my favorite era! #18andlifeguitarlesson #skidrow #guitarcovers

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  1. This song reminds me of a time in my own life when there was a day where I drunk 2 wine coolers per day!

  2. 16:55 – Outro Solo start

  3. Good video, you don't use excessive words like most others that seem to just like to hear themselves talk. Just what you need to say to get things across. I appreciate it, really

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  6. Vladimir Nikolenko

    You are the best one!!!

  7. Great video but damn this chords hurt my wrist

  8. uggh. thanks for the good lesson Carl, this is a tough one. Holding that barre makes my hand hurt and Im having major troubles coming back into the c# minor from the b. any advice?

  9. Great lesson. Was totally lost with this song just looking at the music. So much easier when some 1 shows you how. Thanx Carl!!!!!!!!!!!

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  11. How in the hell could anyone give this a thumbs down?? Awesome lesson Carl!!

  12. I WISH I could support you with my money because I love your videos so so so much but I can't transfer money :((

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  16. great lesson thanks Carl

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