2 Chord Song On Acoustic Guitar – The Beatles Eleanor Rigby – EASY Guitar Lesson

Eleanor Rigby Guitar Lesson http://www.andyguitar.co.uk/online-lessons/the-beatles-eleanor-rigby/
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Hey Jude https://goo.gl/vvvSZJ
She Loves You https://goo.gl/6AlDmr
Twist & Shout https://goo.gl/3kiO0d
Love Me Do https://goo.gl/CS10jn
Saw Her Standing There https://goo.gl/B6VzwB
Paperback Writer https://goo.gl/JvBb0K
Get Back https://goo.gl/zWVQoK

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  1. have you done any p!atd songs?

  2. Chéthan Chandra

    Is your last name actually Guitar or is that just a stage name?

  3. Cheers mate!

  4. Your link for Hey Jude goes to Love Me Do so where is Hey Jude?

  5. good teachen, thanx.

  6. Is there any way you could do a lithium tutorial? Your tutorials are the only ones I can follow.

  7. can you make a you dont know by milow tuturial pls

    ps: you are awesome

  8. Yeaaah, i love this song! I'm so excited to learn it! You're a great teacher, thanks for this!

  9. What kind of acoustic guitar do you use or which one do you recommend?

  10. Any chance of a Mull of Kintyre tutorial?

  11. Hey Andy, great video! I had a question for you- do you ever watch other youtube channels and if so, what types of videos do you like to watch? Do you watch other guitar tutorials? I love your videos and I also watch Marty Schwartz and Guitar Goddess. She explains things really well and she's so sweet! Also, what do you think of the new Adele album?

  12. Julio Kladniew – One (Tribute to KSI) can you make a tutorial on this song as know one has done one yet for guitar please thank you and thanks for tutorial by the way

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