2 Picking Exercises To Make You SHRED! – Metal Bass Lesson

2 (fairly) simple exercises to help you with your picking, on your way to being a METAL GOD!

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  1. eldipyokno_XD :VV

    Great excercise. Thanks!

  2. Hi Josh from anal here!

  3. Vanja Kapetanovic

    Great exercises dude, thanks for a lesson. Also one tip…if you speed up any of these 2 exercises you get nice SLAYER riff 😀

  4. Vasilis Sgouros

    nice video and awesome explanation!

  5. Extremely helpful – thanks bro!

  6. This is freaking awesome man!!

  7. Excellent exercises. Thank you.

  8. Great lesson..thanks!

  9. Very useful exercises, and they are also fun to play. Finally someone goes into detail about what the right hand does!
    Do you have some tips about how to keep the angle of the pick the same while alternating? I used to have a tendency to get a bit diagonal, but I think it is getting better…

  10. Grunge Valley YoYo Shop

    Do you have tabs for both exercises. I really dig this but I'm a little lost on what to do on both.

  11. Can you cover and teach you can't bring me down by suicidal tendencies

  12. Awesome! I've been looking for something like this for a while! Question, what is that black thing above the neck?

  13. Jacob Neracoal Bassist Official

    Very helpful because not Normally being a bass player I play it in my band so this will help me I'm usually a guitar player butttttt yea

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