20 Amazing Bass Lines of All Time! (Instantly Recognizable)

20 Amazing Bass Lines of All Time! (Instantly Recognizable)

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Amazing Basslines of All Time!
20 Iconic and Classic Basslines in the World!

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  1. Paranormal Guitar Channel

    So, after 5 months of break and after having some technical difficulties with myself, I've come up with a new video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vzEcV2Husg
    Thanks for your support, Guys and Girls. I really do appreciate it! m/

  2. Needs more cowbell

  3. Peace Sells???

  4. Alyssa Arbertha

    The pot by tool should definitely be on here. Great video though :).

  5. that guy off the interwebs 0


  6. dear prudence by the beatles ?? 🙁 thats probably just me nvm haha

  7. wow kinda surprised Dance, Dance isnt on here. basically everyone know the bass line to that

  8. What's the bass name?

  9. sexy

  10. lachlan lindsay

    That is such a nice looking bass

  11. Prussia is daddy

    The bass tone in Guns of Brixton sounds so intimidating

  12. What bass is that?

  13. 5/5 for Oldtallica

  14. Where’s 7 nation army??

  15. Nuclear FaceAche

    I mainly just came here to hear the bass line of Feel Good Inc. I love the Gorillaz so much XD

  16. George Harrison ? "Old Brown Shoe"?

  17. Silent Studios Skits

    Another Bites the Dust better be on here


  18. With or without you.

  19. surprised psycho killer isn't there but good list nevertheless

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