2002 Anne Marie Guitar Lesson for Beginners // 2002 Guitar // Lesson #469

2002 by Anne-Marie Guitar Tutorial // 2002 Guitar Lesson for Beginners!

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Guitar tutorial for 2002 by Anne Marie! 2002 is an awesome new song from Anne Marie that is very fun to play on guitar and I have already gotten A TON of requests to teach it! So here it is! 2002 sounds a lot more challenging to play than it actually is, so don’t be intimidated by it if you are a beginner! All you will need to play this song is 5 basic guitar chords (G, Em, C, F and Am; I will have chord charts in the comments), a capo on 4th fret, and three very beginner picking patterns (also in the comments)! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below 🙂

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  1. The Groovy Guitar Dude

    This song is SO FUN to play! And it is wayyy easier to play than it sounds, so don't be intimidated by the way it sounds 🙂 Here are some chord charts!

    Chord Charts –
    G – 320033
    Am – x02210
    Em – 022000
    C – x32010
    F – 133211 or xx3210 (for beginners)

  2. Hans Adriel Gabriel

    one small heads up: It's a bad idea to wear light colored clothes near white when you have white text on top of it as well. Just thought this might help, but good tutorial as always!

  3. Without capo

  4. Do a tutorial with the picking pattern part of "What Your Father Says" by the vamps when they performed in Spain. Pleasee… It is very very good song.

  5. Hi thank you for this guitar toturial it helps me a lot

  6. Ao Mouse Anlm Lovers

    Heavy(Anne Marie)

  7. technical gadget guru

    three doors down let me go and i want it that way backstreet boy..plz

  8. i'm a fast learner in school but……this is way more complicated than maths wth

  9. Badtrip talaga aq sa adds ipal papansin

  10. You should definitely do friends!

  11. Can you teach "Friends"(by Otto Knows)

  12. Thank you

  13. Ciao Adios – Anne Marie

  14. viêt nam đâu hêt r??

  15. You,know what that you should play the whole song once at the end sing that will be awesome btw love from india

  16. Another great tutorial ❤️ thanks man!

  17. also put the strumming pattern….

  18. Hi there ! Can you do a beginner tutorial for "walk with me" by Bella Thorne thank youuuuu anyway I've always been a fan of your tutorials:)) God bless youuu

  19. 2:20 tf I just can't..

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