’21 Guns’ by Green Day – Easy Acoustic & Electric Guitar Lesson

'21 Guns' by Green Day - Easy Acoustic & Electric Guitar Lesson

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Learn to play ’21 Guns’ by Green Day the easy way. Both the acoustic and electric guitar parts. This lesson is designed for beginners to intermediate.

Cheers, Andy

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  1. Thank u for making it easy

  2. Brendan Jr. Kinnett

    whats the hell are your pickups

  3. Greendaylover66

    cooooool you help me so much thx

  4. That hat is gay as fuck!

  5. I think electric starts at 3:30

  6. i dont get where the acustic guitar end and the electric starts… plize help

  7. from pop music to rock passes without changing the button

  8. Where did the pickups go.

  9. mikala romanak

    you sound like murdoc from GORILLAZ

  10. ankur dulakakharia

    you talk too much

  11. He is definitely NOT british. He is australian or new zeland

  12. Oh finally a lesson who can play the chorus right.

  13. josephralph2000

    Where are the pickups??

  14. Hahahahah i don't understand where are the pickups 

  15. Tony Lionbender

    wow this rly helped thx dude

  16. @Zak zeib I'm British and I don't think he is, to me he sounds more AU/NZ

  17. Don't Eat The Yellow Snow lesson? C:

  18. jeremiah urbano

    nice one!! this is easy!!
    i hope you make sweet 16 by green day guitar tutorial

  19. cool

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