3 Arpeggio Patterns That Can Transform Your Bass Playing

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In this preview clip from the upcoming Chord Tone Essentials course, we take a look at the 3 fingering patterns we can use for any single arpeggio. This allows us to break out of that common 1 octave box shape we can fall into and also sets the scene for more expansion over the whole bass fretboard.

The beauty of these 3 arpeggio shapes lies in the way we can play through chord progressions in a single position without having to shift. This provides a lot more freedom and fluidity in your playing.

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  1. hey what kind of pickups do you use in that ibanez.. ?

  2. I won't hear a bad word said against Mark…He's a top Yorkshire Lad that knows his stuff.

  3. This is great lesson but for me, I just play whatever the hell I want and move my finger wherever the hell I want as long as I'm stay in the position of that appregios

  4. Up the fretboard towards the body.

  5. Mind=blown, everything makes sense.

  6. annoying commenter

    Ugly bass

  7. sharron omoregie

    Thanks much. Great lesson

  8. Yawn…

  9. Good vid dude, thanks. Also, you could’ve gone over what the notes for the minor triad shape are, you know for us noobs

  10. Talk 2 much

  11. Break m break Break


  12. Break m break Break


  13. Break m break Break


  14. Fernando Chikwe

    he talks too much

  15. Great! Thanks from Argentina!

  16. Charlie Trotter

    Thank you for this! I have learned the different finger positions but you just connected them for me in a way I hadn’t though of.

  17. 😀 irem dericinin ifşası yayınlanmış bakın http://odosipuzebabupa.tk/?youtubeUShg_0T

  18. Talk

  19. I tried about 5 spots in video and it was all him babbling. More playing dude!

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