3 Beginner Bass Riffs (You Can’t F*** Up)

I’m gonna show you some fun beginner bass riffs that you don’t stand a CHANCE of f***ing up.

1.) Talking Heads – Psycho Killer (0:21)
2.) Green Day – 21 Guns (5:14)
3.) Lou Reed – Walk on the Wild Side (11:33)

The first tune from the Talking Heads will get you started with a recognizable riff you can play even if you just started. (thanks Tina Weymouth)

And I’ll show how to get your notes short and tight like Tina’s with some left hand muting, which is an important skill for bass playing in any style.

Next up is a classic single from Green Day, with beginner-friendly riffage supplied by Mike Dirnt.

If you don’t already know about how important “chugging” is for bass players, this is a good beginner bass riff for you. Once you start chugging, you’ll be doing it happily for years.

Then it’s time for some freaking epic bass slides on an old Lou Reed song (which you might know best as a Tribe Called Quest sample).

I’ll show you the secret to being able to do massive slides without getting lost. Because slides only sound good when you end up in the right place at the end. 😛

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  1. This is uh…… get your bass volume up bud, nobody can hear the bass whatsoever.

  2. Who needs to spend mega bucks when a Squier jazz bass sounds like that!!

  3. You need more subs

  4. Crispinpatrick Dixon

    im 9 years old and i play bass

  5. went from guitar to bass and first riff i learned was schism lol

  6. Awesome class !!

  7. if these are to hard for y’all, try the “Another One Bites The Dust” by Queen, it’s just on the E string and it goes

    E: 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 5 5 3

  8. Валерій Коцерблюк


  9. I thought an E was the bottom string

  10. is that a challenge

  11. i don't even own a bass… yet.

  12. he is just a pro bass teacher.

  13. Ignas Varanavičius

    I still managed to fuck it up

  14. I ducked up the second one

  15. I've been watching Bass playing videos on YT for a couple years now, trying to extract something for my own play style and technique and I don't know why, but I just stumbled upon your videos for the first time. They're so much better and easier for me to comprehend… thank you very much for sharing. I just subscribed and will jump into all your videos right now. Like button all the way!

  16. Not nit picking mate but there is more to Walk on the wild side, the slide of C to F is a sort of chord with the little finger on the G string one fret higher than the root note , so its E to A on the G string , there is also a walking bass line and bits of melody played here and there , anyway im a bit more advanced than a beginner but still like your lessons , glad your not teaching Smoke on the water lol.

  17. Hello. So, when I lift my fingers from the fretboard (3:01) it makes a fret buzz sound. I watched your video on left hand technique, so I don't think it's from the angle of my hand and if I look closely, I can see that it's from the fret I'm on (no other frets buzz; that would be an action problem). Any idea why? I'm probably doing something wrong… 🙁

  18. These videos are amazing for beginners like me

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