3 Doors Down – Here Without You – Acoustic Guitar Lesson by Mike Gross

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  1. Thanks! It's good to see someone who not only is already tuned down 1/2 to match the song, but also [correctly] doesn't play the G second time through but goes to the A-Asus4-A part like the song! Kudos.

  2. . oh well I don't know how to tune my guitar like that

  3. nice thx m8

  4. what is the tunning on that guitar?

  5. Bjarne Olav Kjølstad

    This is by far the best version of this song I have found. Thanx a lot dude 🙂

  6. Can you do dirt by Florida Georgia line

  7. half step down tuning, thought you would have said that, unless I missed it. D# standard

  8. what do you think about those small mistakes when you don't press enough chords… everyone does that.. even Tommy Emmanuel

  9. can you make a tutorial of "here for you" by firehouse ?
    thank you.

  10. @ mike gross been following you for a while now you're awesome! Is there anyway you could do a vid on like a bird by zakk wylde solo and all. Nobody has done one!!!!

  11. HAHAHAHA shit was funny at the beginning

  12. Thank you very much !!

  13. how do you tune down half a step??

  14. Great campfire song,superb lesson

  15. The first 7 seconds he sounds EXACTLY like Hershel from The walking dead.

  16. This guy is funny

  17. Sebastian Londono

    imperfect by stone sour

  18. Michael DeGuenther

    excellent job

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