3 Easy Christmas Songs With 3 Chords – Guitar Lesson

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In this Holiday guitar lesson, we’ll be learning how to play three easy Christmas songs on the guitar with only three open chords. Christmas songs are a great way to get into learning songs because they tend to be fairly simple and straightforward.

The three songs you’ll learn how to play are Away In A Manger, Silent Night, and Joy To The World. For all three songs we’ll be using the G major, C major, and D major open chords. And we’ll cover how to play these songs using both strumming and fingerpicking.

Check out the full lesson page and download the resources by following the link below:

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  1. How/Where is the PDF file located?  Great video!

  2. Thanks Nate, as a new player I now have 3 songs for the kids this Christmas.

  3. Great teacher with gr8 personality…happy christmas in advance

  4. Hey Nate i have seen you pentatonic scale videos but I can't play as fast as you?

  5. Nate, you are Great! You're the best teacher I've ever had. I thought I was hopeless at playing the guitar but your videos helped me soooo much. Thank you. P.S. you're really handsome

  6. Dear Nate , where is the Christmas hat ? Cool video.

  7. bro do you lift? 😀

  8. Hey Nate, nice video and nice songs. Thanks a lot

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