3 Essential Chord Shapes for Guitar – Chord Inversions Guitar Lesson – EP199

In this guitar lesson you’ll learn 3 easy chord shapes (triads) that are essential to playing rhythm and lead up the neck of the guitar. I’ll show you the three chord inversions, and then how to put them into context by giving you embellishments that you can play around those chord shapes.

To view the Part and 3 videos, download the tab, and the MP3 jam track (available in 2 keys), visit https://www.activemelody.com/lesson/3-essential-chord-shapes-on-the-guitar-chord-inversions-ep199
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  1. Khishigjargal Liilen

    so its a A major chord in A,E,C shape but in triad?

  2. Always fantastic lessons!

  3. Thanks for the lessons. Always learn something new when I watch you. You have helped me greatly in my guitar journey.

  4. frederic hervelin

    VERY COOL LESSON!!!!!! 🙂

  5. You are awesome more please!!!

  6. Brian, thanks for the easy to understand lesson. I shared it on Facebook referencing Active Melody.

  7. you look free without the beard, cool, I like this lesson , we need more like this

  8. I picked up my chopsticks. Dang Brian, I'm dropped them. LOL Good lesson. Hope all is well for you and your family. Here, keep'n busy in the rice paddies.

  9. An excellent lesson. Thank you Brian.

  10. classic use of this . Jack n Diane by J c Mellon camp

  11. Ahhh…The "teenage" Brian is back! Gone is the beard!

  12. This is just the lesson i was looking for Brian, thank you. I see guitarists playing chords up the neck just using strings 1-4 (or 2-4) the time & i don't quite 'get it' yet – this will help enormously. Cheers!

  13. After a while of being mad at the CAGED system complexity and almost quitting, you restored my faith. Thanx Brian!

  14. Guitarisforgrins

    This is a REALLY GREAT lesson! Thanks so much!

  15. I love this lesson!!!!

  16. Something's going to happen… something wonderful!!!! 😉

  17. Hey Brian,
    Thank you!!

  18. Brian huge fan and I'm a premium member. When are you going to come out with a DADGAD song. Would love to hear what you got cooking with that. Thx!

  19. Brian, why must you shave thy beard?! 🙁

  20. Great lesson!

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