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Hey fellow Bass Playas and Face Makas! The title speaks for itself! hopefully these 3 mistakes will help you be aware of your bass playing and not go down a tough road! Don’t worry, we all make mistakes especially when we’re beginners but its our job to correct them once we become knowledgable so they don’t turn into bad habits. not too much playing in this one guys (Sorry) BUT, these are crucial for everyone to be aware of. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment! Until next time!

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  1. Do you sell those bass cleft shirts?

  2. Instead of spending all your money on the ultimate extra-super-awesome bass, buy some new strings once in a while and put them on your current instrument. It's amazing how good a properly set up average bass may feel and sound with a fresh set of strings and a half-decent playing technique.

  3. Ha ha, Daric, I have the same black Squire SS…………..You're right, it is a crappy bass, but it's one of the EASIEST playing basses out there, due to the fact that it IS a SS. You can FLY all over the neck, & also kiss the "hand cramping" goodbye.

  4. teach the beginners the Hard way so when you show them the correct way later… its will be effective.. ahaha

  5. When I started out playing bass i developed a pretty clean 1-finger-per-fret, parallel placement, with the thumb at the lower back of the neck, about opposite of the index finger, eventually being able to keep a relatively straight wrist. When i started to learn some chords on the guitar and i got around to the D/F# chord with the thumb on the e-string i gradually changed on the bass too, and extended my thumb over the edge of the neck and later on slanted my fingers in guitarist fashion. However, i didn't experience it as too much of a hindrance. i have pretty huge hands (6'8 guy) and still reach across 4 frets in a relaxed position and my wrist is pretty much absolutely straight with no strain at all. However, when i focused on the speed of my 3-finger-plucking with the right hand more i did run into performance issues and i feel the slanted, vertical position of the fingertips resting on the strings makes it harder to control the notes under high speed, leading to overcompensation and thus exhaustion through the back door if you will. Still i think it's more comfortable for chords on frets 12 and up

  6. Gorgeous bass brotha

  7. Number 3, such good advice.
    I had a second-hand 4-string, now I have a 5-string and the 4-string is spare.  Second-hand amp and speaker, no pedals and I sound awesome.  What makes the big difference is practice and more practice, the only thing limiting my sound now is my ability.  And the arthritis in both thumbs, so fast play is hard and slap is right out.

  8. I play guitar and a mistake I see quite often from bass players is they always play the root notes of the chords I'm playing. It's ok to sometimes play an F# if I'm playing a D major chord, or an F if I'm playing a D minor, or a B if I'm playing a G major, etc. All too often they just play it safe and stick with the simple (and predictable) root.

  9. The Angry Fapper

    The music I listen to the most is played with a 5 string bass tuned to F#BEAD or close to that so I have my bass tuned to that all the time, I bought a .200 gauge string for the low F# but it sounds muddy and unclear. People in droptune forums were saying its because the string is too big and my scale length is too short, and that you need a 37" bass with a .180-.160 bass string for that note. Do you think that this is a case where I need different gear?

  10. I've played bass for almost 4 years, and till 1 year ago I was that kind of 3 finger bassist, and now I understand why the #1 is so damn important

  11. hmmm remark to the point number 3. I have a bass with flats on and I can not play slab bass, so I do not practice that because I need to buy new set of strings… vicious circle.

  12. Thanks for the wonderful advice you gained a new subscriber when you mentioned to old to grow. I'm guilty of number 1 for the most of my life, especially trying to player faster songs accurately and longer.

  13. Chrislybear The Beast

    thx brother

  14. the first basses i bought were all squire's. i eventually sold them and bought what i thought were "better" basses and now i wish i had the squire's back. when you are not worried about putting a scratch or dent in your bass you play better.

  15. Awww man! Awesome video!
    I needed to hear #3. Thanks for the video dude keep it up!

  16. Thanks for this lesson, mate. I'll subscribe to your channel. Cheers from Brazil!

  17. Any ideas what should I practice and which scales should I learn?

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