30 Beginner Bass Grooves – 60's Funk – Andy Irvine

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  1. Aleksej Kolesnikov

    Great lesson! Was able to pick up the groove right away. Very clear. Thank you sir.

  2. I am new to bass but coming from guitar. What's the reasoning behind his right hand technique? It seems to change every time he plays it. Is right hand technique just that lax on bass?

  3. Javier Mendoza

    Basic funk formula..

  4. Benjamin Benayoun

    the key is D major or minor?

  5. If you can’t feel this naturally when you pick up the bass I don’t know what to tell ya.

  6. Hi Andy,I cant thank you enough,You show and break down these tunes in such an excellent way,You really do it for people with your lessons,It's the best and fastest but clearly understandable technique,You get down to buisness with minimal fuss and top results,Such a nice guy too,Thank's again Andy.

  7. Does anyone know if the rest of the 30 are on youtube anywhere? I can only find about 6 of these.

  8. Great stuff dude. well done for beginners/

  9. The Easy Way Out Campers

    HOw can you thumbs down a dude who gives you the formula to the Bootsy Collins groove style. Some people will never get into heaven. Great video. I been playing a long time, a long time…. I sat there with a 45 set to 33 to slow him down. Then worked it all out on paper. So for loopy arseholes thumbs downing.. I think it is because now your not so special… LOL

  10. wow, easy and funky! thanks!

  11. I think the bass should have been a bit louder, good lesson though!

  12. Luxusní…děkuji mnohokrát. Super.

  13. sounds great man thank you

  14. Holy shit i want that Rickenbacker

  15. Great you are great

  16. Great directly into the useful stuff. Thanks

  17. great bass player, great teacher. you are awesome.

  18. Thanks man I'm a drummer just started to learn bass,this easy enough for me to pick up cool,

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