4 Non Blondes “What’s Up” Guitar Lesson – “What’s Going On” 90’s Songs

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I say “hey ay ay ay hey yay yay, I say hey, what’s going on”

poetry 🙂

thanks for watching,
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  1. Thanks for watching! Also, I have a bunch of Free lessons at my site http://www.MartyMusic.com

  2. Strumming pattern:

    Chords with capo:
    G Am C

    Chords without capo:
    A Bm D

  3. Hi Marty! I read the article about you in the German edition of the Taylorzeitung, very interesting! I think you're a great guitar teacher and continue to teach on Youtube! Wish you a happy and merry Christmas! Walter

  4. Hey Marty, thanks for all the great great tutorials. It helps a lot. Can you do a Tina Dico Song "Count to Ten". She is such a great songwriter with awesome fingerpicking patterns. But very rare to find good guitar lessons on her. This would be really great.

  5. *
    Request Please* Black Gold by Soul Asylum o yrs on Acoustic. Thanks for all that you have done for me. I am self-taught, mostly by you for 8 yrs now. Happy T-Day to all

  6. Cool song, thanks for sharing!  Would be cool if you could add the neat solo / lead piece on electric that is played a few times in the song!

  7. marty schwartwz, the only fat guy with a neckbeard-fedora combo who is cool

  8. What's that guitar you're playing Marty? it sounds really sweet… by the way that's an awesome tune by the 4 non blondes…

  9. 914ce V brace!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Any Ray LaMontagne songs Marty for lessons ? And btw awesome lesson thanks!

  11. Great tutorial as always. I like how u showed an alternate way of playing. Suggestions for next song maybe Vice by Miranda Lambert

  12. Nice and easy song for me to learn my first barre chord on! Thanks Marty 🙂

  13. The Cage of Insanity.

    Whenever I play with the capo on the second fret the cords just sounds weird, like i'm not hitting the notes right, but I am, it's just on the G though.

  14. Thank u Marty, these days I only watch u play a song with the basic chords and it's already learned haha

  15. Devil is a woman by Bishop Gunn maybe?

  16. Hey Marty, could you possibly do a guitar lesson for infected by bad religion?

  17. It would be amazing if you could do a lesson for Crazy-Lost frequencies (acoustic version)

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