4 Ways to End a Chord Melody | Jazz Guitar Lesson

Get all examples in PDF (with TAB): https://www.jazzguitarlessons.net/blog/4-endings-chord-melody

Intro 0:13
Example 1 – Bury the extensions 1:38
Example 2 – Blues Substitution 1:59
Example 3 – Substitution with bVI 4:50
Example 4 – Substitution with bII 7:08
Thoughts on Chord Melody 9:26

Finding a good final chord for your chord melody can be quite a tricky task. There just aren’t a lot of great jazz guitar voicings with the root on top (which is usually what we need)!

In this lesson we attempt to give you some ready-to-use, practical options. You’ll learn 4 common jazz endings, as well as the theory of modal interchange (aka borrowed chords).

Download all examples for this lesson: https://www.jazzguitarlessons.net/blog/4-endings-chord-melody

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  1. Marc, could you please do more videos on "chord melody essentials" such as various ways to begin a chord melody, or introductions?  Creating intros, endings, etc? Thanks.

  2. I like the D flat 6, wtf?

  3. Very inspiring and thought provoking. That's why I've played guitar my whole life, as each time I pick it up I learn something new. The theory at the end was an inspiration into an advanced area of jazz harmony, I can't wait to get to that level but there's much more for me to study, hear and learn first . Thanks Again!

  4. For whom it may concern: A playlist with nice intros and endings, intros/endings lessons, etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0JjNG3TAd4&list=PLqSpPJd6awRDf7ATmHjt97pFt01niUIob

  5. Another great video, Marc!! In the fourth ending, you play a CMaj7 chord "with a sharp 11" I think of this chord as CMaj7b5. I realize enharmonically, they are the same chord, but being self-taught, whenever I see something expressed differently than how I think of it, I wind up asking myself about holes in my theory. So, is CMaj7#11 a more correct way of expressing this chord? If so, why? Thanks, Lou

  6. Another nicely relaxed and informative lesson Marc, thank you. I have comping 101 and 102 and must check if there's a number 3 ( need to revise what I have to be honest).
    I tapped the link for the endings tab but I get transferred to the jazz comping toolkit dept…not sure if I am doing something incorrectly.
    Thanks again.

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