5 Beginner Bass Lines – Guaranteed To Impress [With Tabs On Screen]

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In this lesson, you’ll learn 5 beginner bass lines that people will recognize and love – and get people to pay attention to YOUR playing.

You see, bass is usually a ‘supporting’ instrument that goes unnoticed. There are tons of easy guitar riffs or piano riffs that people know and recognize, but if you played the bass lines to any of those songs, people would just look at you and say,

“What the hell was that supposed to be?”

The bass lines (even the easy bass lines) aren’t very recognizable. However, there are a few gems – a few songs where the bass line IS the song.

These are the kind of songs where people will immediately recognize the bass line and start singing along. And the best part – these are BEGINNER bass lines. They’re a great place to start.

So next time someone asks you to ‘play something’ (God – I hate it when people say this…) you’ll have something in your arsenal that is guaranteed to impress.



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  1. Demon Gamer46721

    All star

  2. hes really trying to hit the ten minute mark

  3. sweet bass! what is that?

  4. My first base riff was Longview by green day.

  5. Suzuki Halwende

    I was praying that he wouldn't play Seven Nation Army, praying to almighty God.


  6. lol I just got the Bass line down for Tommy the cat couple nights ago after weeks of working on it

  7. I feel like hysteria by muse should be on this list as well

  8. There is literally no bass in seven nation army, jack white detunes his low e string to an a but whateverrrrrtrrr

  9. What is the last song?

  10. Nice and clear, ty!

  11. Project-awesome customs and music

    Under Pressure by Queen should be on this list. It's probably the easiest bass riff ever!

  12. Project-awesome customs and music

    Seven nation army sounds much better and consistent if you play it all on the A string.

  13. Jonathan Armien

    i was expecting something by michael jackson some of his bass lines are pretty simple but extremely recognizable. for example, billie jean, thriller, smooth criminal, ect.

  14. Play nearly bassline from Queen and people will recognize.

  15. I am pretty sure the song was played on 7-7-10-7-5-3—2

  16. Belive me, bass doesn’t impress anyone. Unless you play some hyperspeed slapping

  17. The bass line for dance,dance by fall out boy is really cool

  18. even if "seven nation army" is not a real bass line, it is identical to part of duran duran's "rio" (chorus) or "a view to a kill" (pre-chorus) bass line

  19. @Become A Bassist, one idea, it would be cool if you guys who make these base video would give in description what base you are playing on.

  20. kausmo tumynski

    You wanna impress other musicians with your bass playing? Join a band and play simple, in the pocket supportive bass lines with a good tone. If you want to play an instrument for sing alongs, buy a ukulele…this guy is a joke! Learn from the masters not some Aussie wanker..

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